Delayed Live Foundation Program

Delayed Live Foundation Program


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Delayed Live Foundation Program

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Brand: GS Mentors
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This is an Online Program designed to cover entire GS (Prelims cum Mains), CSAT and Essay Paper.

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  • It is not just the classes on Tablet or Laptop but  a Comprehensive Coaching Programme.
  • The Foundation Program has been designed while keeping in mind the increasing usage of electronic devices like smart phones, tablets and laptops for knowledge absorption.
  • We aim to mentor the IAS aspirants on the platform which suits them the most, so that they can make the best out of our course.
  • This will be provided in Hard Disk and Pen drive.

Course USP

  • Watch classroom videos.
  • Make Class Notes.
  • Learn and Revise the class notes.
  • Supplement Class Notes with Study Material.
  • Attempt Objective Test on that Module.
  • Write Subjective answer and sent it to GS MENTORS for evaluation and feedback via email, courier and whatsApp
  • Compare your answer with model answer provided by GS MENTORS .
  • Know your All India Rank.
  • Our programme covers the entire syllabus of PT-cum-Mains.
  • Each subject is divided into smaller modules. 
  • Our video lectures will be encrypted lectures which will run on our player only. For that we will install a software in your system. 
  • You will be given the facility of watching the video 2 times.
  • In any case if you are not able to complete the syllabus in stipulated time we can provide you additional hours but only for few topics. 
  • Validity of the programme will be 18 months.
  • Our course fee for Laptop or Desktop programme is Rs. 40,000 and Tab programme will cost (Rs. 40000+The cost of Window version LapTab) and external device cost will be borne by you.


  • 400+ video lectures
  • 800+ hours duration
  • 1-2 hours of each class
  • Study material in hard copy free.
  • All India Prelims Cum Mains Test Series.
  • Weekly Objective and Subjective Test.
  • Current Affairs Objective and Subjective Test.
  • Current Affairs Magzine.
  • Doubt clearing facility will also be provided.
  • Call academic support team to clarify your doubts.

Subject Covered

  • Ancient History (30 hrs)
  • Medieval History (30 hrs)
  • Modern India (78 hrs)
  • Post Independence (25 hrs)
  • World History (30 hrs)
  • Indian Economy (150 hrs)
  • Geography (100 hrs)
  • Environment and Disaster Management (25 hrs)
  • Indian Polity (60 hrs)
  • General Science (30 hrs)
  • Science and Tech (50 hrs)
  • Governance (40 hrs)
  • Social Issue (25 hrs)
  • Internal Security (20 hrs)
  • International Relations (30 hrs)
  • Ethics (60 hrs)
  • CSAT ( Maths, English and Reasoning) (70 hrs)
  • Essay (25 hrs)


  • Zulfiquar Mohd. ( Ex. Assistant Professor, DU & Author of ‘Indian Economy’)
  • Tarique Khan ( Associate Prof. & Author of ‘Modern India’,TMH)
  • Dr. K. R. Singh ( Assistant Prof. DU & Author of ‘Indian Polity &constitutional Issues)
  • Ayaz Khan ( More than 10 yrs of teaching Experience)
  • Sikender Khan (More than 10 yrs of teaching experience)
  • Apurva M. (CAT Topper 99.98 percentile)
  • A. K. Dubey (More than 15 yrs of teaching experience)
  • S. Ranjan (More than 15 yrs of teaching experience)

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